Schoolgirl Saturdays.

//Schoolgirl Saturdays


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Schoolgirl Saturdays

A Classic Fantasy Reimagined

Welcome to ‘Schoolgirl Saturdays’, an enticing weekly event at Rachel’s Palm Beach that adds a playful twist to our sophisticated adult entertainment atmosphere. This immersive event promises to deliver an unforgettable blend of nostalgia and excitement, where our skilled performers don schoolgirl uniforms to captivate your senses in a whole new way.

Each Saturday night, our club transforms into a fantasy setting, perfectly blending the familiar charm of classic schoolgirl attire with the alluring performances of our professional entertainers. Experience the vivacious spirit and mischievous fun of Schoolgirl Saturdays while indulging in our award-winning dining experience. The evening promises a unique mix of visual delight and culinary pleasure that only Rachel’s Palm Beach can offer.

Join us for Schoolgirl Saturdays, where nostalgia meets glamour in a fun-filled and flirtatious setting. The memorable performances and mouth-watering cuisine are sure to make your Saturday night unforgettable. Come, relive the charm of yesteryears and make new memories at Rachel’s Palm Beach!