Ultimate Fight Night Extravaganza.

//Ultimate Fight Night Extravaganza


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Watch Live at Rachel’s Palm Beach!

Ultimate Fight Night Extravaganza

Step into the heart of the action and witness the thrill of UFC or Boxing like never before at Rachel’s Palm Beach. Our passion for adrenaline-fueled sports and electrifying entertainment comes together in the most exhilarating Fight Night Extravaganza that Palm Beach has ever seen.

As the ultimate destination for fight enthusiasts, Rachel’s Palm Beach leaves no detail unattended. Our massive screens ensure you don’t miss a single moment of the action, while the crystal-clear sound system immerses you in the roar of the crowd and the hard-hitting blows of the fighters.

Experience the electric atmosphere as you join fellow fans in cheering on your favorite fighters. Whether you’re a seasoned fight enthusiast or just looking for an unforgettable night of excitement, our Fight Night Extravaganza promises an experience like no other.

While you’re captivated by the fierce battles in the octagon or ring, our skilled mixologists will serve up the finest selection of drinks to heighten the thrill. From signature cocktails to craft beers, we have something to quench every thirst.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. When it comes to watching fights, Rachel’s Palm Beach is your undisputed champion. With every fight night, we ensure you have a front-row seat to the most heart-pounding action in town.

Mark your calendars, gather your friends, and get ready to witness greatness at Rachel’s Palm Beach. Our Fight Night Extravaganza promises to be a knockout event that you won’t want to miss!