Swimsuit Sundays.

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Swimsuit Sundays


Welcome to ‘Swimsuit Sundays’ at Rachel’s Palm Beach – an enticing fusion of the sun-kissed allure of beach life with our premium adult entertainment experience. Each Sunday, our esteemed performers don the most stunning swimsuits, immersing the club in a summery, flirtatious vibe that’s sure to tantalize your senses.

Experience the beach ambiance right here in the heart of Palm Beach, complete with our dazzling performers in vibrant swimsuits that capture the essence of summertime glamour. Our Swimsuit Sundays are a perfect balance of playful and provocative, designed to stir the imagination and elevate your weekend relaxation to new heights.

Enjoy your Sunday evening in an immersive, beach-inspired setting, accompanied by our top-tier dining experience. Swimsuit Sundays promise a unique combination of visual enchantment and culinary delight, creating an unforgettable finale to your weekend.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant, sun-kissed allure of Swimsuit Sundays at Rachel’s Palm Beach. As the weekend sun sets, we’re just heating things up. Dive into an ocean of sensuality and make your Sundays sizzle with us at Rachel’s Palm Beach.